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Modern Family Egg Drop (HD, TV-PG) Luke and Manny are challenged with a big school project, but when Claire and Jay learn about it, their competitive spirit takes over.
Modern Family Little Bo Bleep (HD, TV-PG) The family helps Claire with her debate for the town council seat; Lily learns her first expletive and Mitch and Cam don't know how to deal with it.
Mom Sword Fights and a Dominican Shortstop (HD, TV-14) Christy receives a job offer from Bonnie's ex-girlfriend to join the real estate business, prompting her to reconsider her decision to pursue a law career.
Mom Sparkling Water and Ba-dinkers (HD, TV-14) Bonnie grows concerned when she discovers Adam smoking marijuana before they get intimate, prompting her to wonder whether he still finds her attractive.
Batwoman Tell Me the Truth (New, TV-14) Kate and Sophie reconcile with their past; Kate questions if she can trust her ex-lover; Kate and Luke encounter an old friend; Mary mulls over the Kane's fate.

Renegade The Two Renos (TV-PG) A convict who looks a lot like Reno is caught by some police officers who work for Dutch; they let him go on the condition he commits crimes as Reno.
Renegade Billy (TV-PG) Reno takes on a bounty and must capture a gangster and his three sons, who are all part of a motorcycle gang; Reno gets some unexpected help from a bank robber.
Star Trek The Corbomite Maneuver (TV-PG) After Kirk destroys a mysterious ship, another arrives, forcing Kirk to use a desperate bluff to save the Enterprise.

Forensic Files Something's Fishy (HD, TV-14) Two people die inexplicably after taking the same over-the-counter pain relief medication, and investigators find a lethal dose of cyanide on the pills.
Forensic Files Sealed with a Kiss (HD, TV-14) A first grade school teacher receives a series of threatening letters, and forensic scientists use sophisticated technology to uncover their origins.
Forensic Files The Common Thread (HD, TV-14) Ten bodies are found in different places, initiating a seven-month investigation that cracks when a girl escapes the killer with a carpet fiber on her body.
Forensic Files The Dirty Deed (HD, TV-14) Careful analysis of the crime scene reveals a soil sample that proves instrumental in solving the case of a married couple who disappeared from their home.
The First 48 Body of Evidence (HD, TV-14) Dismembered body parts are discovered floating in Miami's Biscayne Bay, so the Miami homicide team works around the clock trying to solve the case.

NCIS: Los Angeles Plan B (HD, TV-14) Deeks must take on an old alias that he is not fond of in order to protect his best friend and chief informant from a criminal group that wants him dead.
NCIS: Los Angeles Imposters (HD, TV-14) After a Navy SEAL imposter is set ablaze, NCIS connects his death to a stolen canister from a previous case that is used to make deadly bombs.
NCIS: Los Angeles Familia (HD, TV-14) Perplexed by Hetty's sudden resignation from NCIS, Callen and the rest of the NCIS team do all they can to investigate the reason why she would disappear.

Pippi Longstocking Pippi Goes up North (TV-Y7) Pippi and her friends join Captain Longstocking on a journey to the remote Northern Community to deliver supplies while facing obstacles along the way.
Pippi Longstocking Pippi and the Whales (TV-Y7) Pippi and her crew must outsmart the poachers to save the rare whales from extinction.
Pippi Longstocking Pippi Goes to School, or Does She? (TV-Y7) Pippi decides to enter a field trip report competition at her local school.
Pippi Longstocking Pippi Trains Some Animals - and Their Owner (TV-Y7) After a farmer mistreats his horse, Pippi gives his animals a vacation.
Inspector Gadget Tree Guesses (TV-Y7) Inspector Gadget is contacted by Chief Quimby to put a stop to the destructive efforts of Dr. Claw, who is threatening to destroy the world's forests.
Inspector Gadget Birds of a Feather (TV-Y7) Inspector Gadget takes his resourceful niece along with after Chief Quimby contacts him about protecting a gemstone from a flock of trained M.A.D. birds.

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